Over the past few years with social media and YouTube, fitness has become a major trend. The same goes for fitness athletes that hope to inspire and help the everyday person get in shape and get motivated. While these fitness athletes do well posting vlogs and workout videos on Youtube, many have decided to take it a step further.

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Everyone knows that one of the best parts of getting in shape is splurging on athletic clothes. Many fitness YouTubers know the struggle of finding workout clothes that fit well, cinch in where needed, and are comfortable during intense sessions. Thankfully, these YouTubers created their own apparel line worth the money. This list will help get motivated and help empty the wallet.

10 Bradley Martyn

In the fitness community, Bradley Martynis well known for his impressive muscular physique. Martyn covers everything in his channel from his everyday fitness regime to his fun and goofy moments.

Martyn has done well for himself in the industry and even owns his own gym, Zoo Culture. Along with the gym and a successful Youtube comes to an athletic clothing line. BMFIT gear or RawGear is perfect for guys and can even be suited for women. His line focuses a lot on enhancing the physique contours while still being comfortable.

9 Taylor Dilk

Taylor Dilk starts her Youtube channel with a video on what got her started. She originally started her Youtube channel to document her bikini competition prep. Years later it has become a channel about nutrition, fitness, and her everyday life. with 111k subscribers, she wnt further created her own apparel line.

Balance Athletica has gained considerable traction among fitness enthusiasts for its fun colors and practicality. She creates items for men and women that can be worn to the gym or while going out on errands. Nothing’s better than a pair of leggings that look and feel great.

8 Dannibelle

Danibelle has a physique anyone would be envious of but it came through hard work and dedication. She is determined to share her fitness tricks and workouts with anyone who wants to change their lifestyle. Her Youtube ranges from ab workouts, leg day, in-gym workouts or workouts at-home.

She has also created her own website that sells her booty bands and DB Active apparel. Her leggings, shorts, and crop tops are everything a girl can ask for and can range up to $35. Her apparel has fun and neutral colors than help emphasize the booty and hold in the abs.

7 Michelle Lewin

For a number of years, Michelle Lewin has been a fitness trainer to countless people around the world. The Latina fitness athlete became a social media sensation. Alongside her husband, they manage her Youtube to create workout videos anyone can follow. Lewin became an inspiration for many who wanted to get their ideal body.

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With her fitness success, she also created the apparel line oneOone. Her line includes men’s and women’s fitness apparel that is fashionable and practical for the gym.  Her designs have unique patterns and textures to bring some flavor to any look.

6 Valentina Lequeuk

For anyone who has looked into fitness, they may have seen Valentina Lequeuk more than one on social media. While dominating on Instagram, she also has a successful Youtube. Her channel focuses on getting people to shed thos pounds and tone those muscles.

To match her at home, in gym workouts and nutrition advice, she created an apparel line. Mina Sportwear is out of this world. If you want practicality while looking good, this is the brand. A lot of items have unique patterns and have a faux leather look to bring some edge.

5 Dana Linn Bailey

Dana Linn Bailey made her name as an IFBB pro bodybuilder who earned her way to the title of 2013 winner of Joe Weider’s Olympia. Along her fitness journey, she started a Youtube channel to document her life, fitness prep, workouts, and competitions. It has since shifted gears to be more daily workout based and a look into their daily lives.

Alongside her husband Rob Bailey, they created an apparel line called FlagnorFail and their own gym business. Their line isn’t just for fitness enthusiasts but for the everyday adventurer. With years in the industry, the Baileys know clothing that works and accessories that can withstand anything you throw at it.

4 Grace Beverly

Grace Beverly became most known on social media as GraceFitUK. She is a fitness athlete who dominated the fitness world with her motivation to help others get fit and in shape. Her Youtube channel includes videos targeting workouts for all parts of the body, her fitness plan and vlogs.

She has since blossomed into an entrepreneur with her own booty bands and apparel line. Tala is the place to be when it comes to cute athletic clothing for all body shapes. She designs everything from leggings, shorts, shirts, and more that cater to everyone. Her line is also sustainable using up-cycled materials.

3 Bart & Geo Kwan

The power couple, Bart & Geo Kwan created the brand Barbell Brigade and is one of the most referenced workout companies out there. The duo are entrepreneurs in every way. Their main company channel showcasing everything from workouts, technique, and goofy moments with the company family.

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Barbell Brigade has since branched out to gyms and a supplement brand but their apparel is something worth noting. Bart and Geo wanted to create clothing that was comfortable for the gym and for the everyday lifestyle. Not to mention their company logo is cool and impressionable with the skull and weight bars.

2 Heidi Somers

Heidi Somers is one of the most talked-about fitness athletes in the game and so is her apparel line. Her Youtube has everything from daily vlogs, grocery hauls, fitness regimens and nutritional advice.

Besides her channel, her self-made apparel line BuffBunny is a top contender in the world of athletic clothing brands. The brand is meant to have any person feel good in what they’re wearing while still feeling supported. The array of colors and styles will have anyone checking themselves out in the mirror.

1 Christian Guzman

Many have heard of Christian Guzman’s company in the world of social media and fitness. Like many, he started on Youtube cataloging his journey to fitness competitions with meal prep, workouts, and vlogs.

He soon became an entrepreneur and owner of Alphalete. The brand and company rivals a lot of well-known brands like GymShark and Nike. Fans of the brand can’t get enough of the versatile clothing that looks good in the gym and can be translated outside of it. The brand helps emphasize that hard-working physique while still being functional.

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